Our Activities

Environmental Stewardship and Research


   Joining and leading other environmental organizations which promote awareness of and care for the Mill River ecosystem.

    Promoting and implementing the Mill River Watershed Management Plan

    Audubon Connecticut has prepared a management plan for the East Rock area designated as an Important Bird Area.




    Working with partner schools and individuals to create greater awareness of the river and its watershed.

   Teachers: Please contact us for information about how we can share our passion and knowledge with your students. 



     Building and maintaining the Mill River Trail (walking/hiking).

     Promoting canoeing and other exploration of the river.

     Developing the Mill River bike trail.  

     Go fishing.

     Enjoy birding.

More Activities

Brilliant Underpass

The project is inspired by artist Bill FitzGibbons’ installation “LightRails” in Birmingham, Alabama

As part of the Mill River Trail, there is an effort to install a beautiful, high tech light installation in a critical underpass connecting two neighborhoods.

More to Come


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