Ball Island - English Station

A view of English Station from Grand Avenue

Remediation at a key site in the lower Mill River

     United Illuminating is in the process of remediating Ball Island and the Former English Station power plant.  The $30 million project will remove an amount of soil equal in volume to more than a foot of depth over the entire site, although some areas will be excavated more than others.  A key contaminant type is PCBs, and these will be reduced to 10 ppb or less.  Some areas will be capped with clean soil or impervious materials like concrete.

     Neighbors are wary about the project, and public oversight is important.  We will post public hearing times and locations as they become available.

Accounts in the local press

Several recent newspaper stories describe the ongoing remediation and past public hearings:

"UI Agrees To Confront Public On English Station Cleanup" 21 Feb 2019

"UI Faces Fair Haven" 12 Mar 2019

"Former English Station power plant in New Haven gets new owners" 7 Jan 2019

More English Station Info


UI maintains a website with information about the ongoing clean-up

More to come

Watch this site for additional information