Historical Plan

Over 100 years ago in 1910, a comprehensive plan was published to recommend civic improvements for the City of New Haven.  The report was authored by Cass Gilbert, architect, and Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr, landscape architect, "to consider what is needed for the proper performance of the functions now imposed upon streets and parks and the whole physical equipment of the municipality, but also in a great measure to forecast the inevitable demands of the future greater city."  Pages 79 - 85 of that report discuss the lower Mill River in some detail.  Many of the recommendations of that plan are still under consideration including possible modification of the State Street tide gates.

Olmstead's firm was founded by Frederick Law Olmstead, considered the father of landscape architecture and designer of New York's Central Park among many important projects.

MRWA History

The Mill River Watershed Association started 20 years ago in 1999,  It was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  For several years it was presided over by Tom Holahan, a long-time public school teacher and a former Alderman of the City of New Haven.

The association had been involved in only a few projects in recent years, but it is undergoing a revival and is likely to have an important role in implementation of the Mill River Watershed Plan.

Photo credit

Joseph Gerhard – Mill River, Manton

Westwood Books, New Haven, CT, 2011

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